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Our Calorie Calculator estimates how many Calories you will burn using Metabolic Equivalent (MET) values from Compendium of Physical Activities. At other times, where there is no visible path on the ground, you will have flexibility to range within 200m of the route so that you should feel little pressure to follow our route precisely at all times and can enjoy the incredible wilderness experience to the full. So I’ve designed a 40-mile route, on mixed terrain, to help me do just that. We will provide final versions of GPX files for each day’s route to participants at the latest a few weeks ahead of the event and simultaneously update the routes on ViewRanger (as found on the route page). Day 2 start (and overnight camp on Day 1); beside the famous Glenfinnan railway viaduct - as featured in the Harry Potter films. The Cape Wrath Trail is considered the hardest hiking route in the United Kingdom. That was until May when the company released two new maps for the Cape Wrath Trail and in doing so answered the prayers of many a walker. The Cape Wrath Ultra™ brought to you by Ourea Events, the team who revived the Dragon’s Back Race are in the countdown days to a once in a lifetime multi-day journey that will test mind and body over 8-days weaving a 400km journey through the Highlands of Scotland.. As the Cape Wrath Trail is a less formal route, I doubted whether we'd ever see an equivalent. However, there are checkpoints, which participants will need to visit along the route. i.e. Approximately 230 miles in length, most people take 2-3 weeks to backpack the trip. It will be 1:40 000 scale (1km = 2.5cm), with contours at 15 metres vertical interval, over-printed with our route, our checkpoints, captions and various surrounding information and emergency info. They spent 15 days walking the route, much of which formed the Cape Wrath Ultra™ race route. “Our Cape Wrath Ultra™ route will be similar to the Cape Wrath Trail but with some important variations as we mold the journey for an ultra-running perspective. Get this route. A dated version of the route is available on ViewRanger year-round so that aspirant participants and others can access the route digitally at any time, but it is important to understand that this does get amended ahead of each event. Get this route. The Cape Wrath Trail is one of the world's finest long distance walks. It will be possible for participants to follow the race route using just a GPS-capable device if you are experienced with navigating with it. It will be more difficult to follow the route in poor weather or low visibility, especially on the sections of indistinct ground. What is the Cape Wrath Ultra? As below, the map will be presented with 15 map frames, all arranged onto two sides. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is based on the Cape Wrath Trail, which is considered to be the toughest long distance backpacking trail in the UK.It crosses rugged landscapes and winds through genuine wilderness spending significant time away from civilisation. We expect participants to stay within 200m of our advised route at all times. Located in Scotland, it runs from Fort William, through the Highlands and Western Scotland, to the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the northwestern-most point of Scotland. The majority of the Cape Wrath Ultra route follows hill tracks, paths and roads to provide acce Participants will be provided with an event map at registration. Remember that the GPS track of each participant will be public and we will retrospectively review the route of all participants. The route for the Cape Wrath Ultra has been some years in the planning and along with the racers it’s about to be put to the test. Plotted with the route planner. Britain’s wildest weather, which can leave you hiking for days without dry gear, is one thing that slows you down. Participants are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for judging the safety of the route. Nonetheless, my trip was amazing! We then combine this with your weight and the estimated duration of the activity, taking into account the length of the route and the hills involved, to estimate the total Calories burned. Participants will have none of the complex logistical worries that hikers have when completing the Cape Wrath Trail or other long distance footpaths, such as the Pennine Way. The Dragon’s Back Race and it’s sister event, the Cape Wrath Ultra, are both tough but spectacular multi-stage ultrarunning expedition races that will take you on incredible mountain journeys here in the UK. Cape Wrath trail route. Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that runs through the Scottish Highlands and along the west coast of Scotland.. The inaugural race is to be held in 2016, and I must admit to being slightly tempted to take part.. My ultra running has taught me the importance of getting yourself mentally prepared for the terrain ahead. The Cape Wrath Ultra is an eight day event that will take competitors and ‘journeymen’ like myself through 400km of epic trails, mountains and world class coastal scenery. A GPX file of the route and checkpoint locations (available in advance) We may ‘tape’ cert… Your comment has been flagged for review due to possible spam. Back 2018 Results 2016 Results 2018 Results 2016 Results It … Elevation and ascent statistics with customisable elevation graph. 2018 Cape Wrath Ultra - day 8 Trail Running route in Kinlochbervie, Highland, United Kingdom (UK) Leave a Review. The Cape Wrath Ultra passes through some of Scotland’s most outstanding upland landscapes, recognised as areas of national and international importance for their upland wildlife habitats, flora and fauna. We do ask that you look after this map as we only intend to issue one per participant. Please remember, the estimated number of Calories is just a guide and the actual number of Calories burned may vary depending on other factors such as weather and terrain. 2018 entries have SOLD OUT! It starts at the highland town of Fort William and finishes at the most North-Westerly point of the country at the Cape Wrath … Length: 14.94 miles: Surface: Rough: Difficulty: Medium: Total Ascent: 2520 feet: Total Descent: 2350 feet: Max … The Cape Wrath Trail is often referred to as Britain’s toughest long distance walk. The nature of Harvey's latest waterproof paper technology gives a map that does not require bagging/protection, is easy to fold and not bulky, and should survive the rigours of the roughest journey. Information about checkpoints, and their associated cut-off times, and their associated guidance times, are included in the native ViewRanger digital version of the route, but may not appear on all platforms. Some checkpoints are manned and some checkpoints are unmanned, and this is clearly indicated on the map and documented in the article Guidance on checkpoints and cut-offs. The route for the Cape Wrath Ultra™ has been some years in the planning and the inaugural participants are about to be put to the test of running it. Snow and ice in Glen Oykel. Please Sign In to leave a comment. So I decided to start my run at the Garden, then … Digital race timing. Detailed planning has begun and Gary Tompsett has been appointed as the Race Director and Planner”. Not registered? Length: 19.86 miles: Surface: Rough: Difficulty: Hard: Total Ascent: 4387 feet: Total Descent: 4392 … Route profile for 'Cape Wrath Ultra Full Route'. In exceptional circumstances (like rivers in spate) participants may need to deviate from the route, making their best judgement of the safest way, or to wait until the river has subsided. In the end, it was my ultra running that led me to the perfect sock. It will also be a fantastic memento of the event. Cape Wrath Trail *walking* insights - River Crossings. Ourea Events Price: Free. In this case, the paper maps could be stored in your pack (mandatory kit) as a back-up in case of power loss. In practical terms, for the majority of the time this is very easy as our route generally follows the only path or track on the ground: it is the only logical way. Here's a selection: We also have a number of video tutorials, an FAQ section and friendly forums where you can get more help and advice. Hikers usually take at least 20 days to complete the trail. The Cape Wrath Ultra, set to cement this corner of Britain on the extreme sports circuit, will debut as the UK’s first multi-stage ultra run. The organisers (and friends, family, members of the public and landowners) will be tracking participants’ GPS trackers in real time. These three videos were recorded in September 2014 when Shane Ohly (Event Director) and his wife, Heather, completed the Cape Wrath Trail. At other times, where there is no visible path on the grou. Stretching approximately 230 miles (370 km) from the Highland hub of Fort William to the remote lighthouse of Cape Wrath, it is an unmarked and sometimes trailless route that passes through the wild and spectacular landscapes of northwestern Scotland. The Cape Wrath Ultra™ route is completed in 8 days and it offers a massive challenge to experienced runners, speedy long-distance walkers, and adventurers. Register for free. You’re probably aware that I’m hoping to raise money and awareness for the Rainbow Garden Hull when I finally get to run the Cape Wrath Ultra. Get this route. The Cape Wrath Challenge Marathon is part of the 6-day Cape Wrath Challenge, consisting of 5 days of running, including a half marathon and 10K. This event has been designed so that it is possible to complete it by following the GPS track. Also known as the Campbell Lutyens Marathon, the Cape Wrath Challenge Marathon is extremely challenging.It is essential that every participant understands that this is quite unlike a normal road race. Length: 41.12 miles: Surface: Rough: Difficulty: Hard: Total Ascent: … The Cape Wrath Ultra also was said to be Scotland’s answer to the Marathon Des Sables. We have already used this map material very successfully in other events. I had a chance to see parts of the Cape Wrath Trail that I love (Knoydart and Torridon), enjoyed the physical and mental challenge and managed to write a guide for planning a trip on the CWT.. However, even if you are navigating using a GPS device, it is mandatory to carry at all times the Harvey Maps 1:40 000 scaleevent mapthat we will supply at registration. We would only time-penalise or disqualify a participant for not following the route if we believe that they have gained an unfair advantage, and/or endangered themselves or others, and/or clearly passed through private property. As a keen ultra runner, I read about the recent launch of the Cape Wrath Trail ultra marathon with great interest. The frequent river crossings and rough terrain make the choice of sock particularly important. The Route. If a participants loses their map, they will be required to purchase a replacement as it is mandatory kit to be carried while running. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. When selecting an Activity setting, select the speed you would normally travel at on flat ground. The map has been paginated so that it has a thoughtfully ergonomic day-stage chronology. This is the terrain through which the Cape Wrath Trail runs. The Cape Wrath Trail is the expedition of a lifetime, traversing 200 miles of Scotland's wildest and most beautiful country. It is approximately 200 miles in length and is considered to be one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK. The Cape Wrath Ultra® route will be completed in 8 days and it offers a compelling ultra running challenge. 1:26. Shortcode: OUREA0006 0 Review No Reviews. This route can be downloaded in the following formats (click to download): Please be careful to observe all signs for rights of way when following other people's routes, as we cannot guarantee that they do not cross private or hazardous land. Starting in Fort William and finishing at Cape Wrath, the 400km, 8-day journey winds through the world's most inspirational landscapes including Knoydart, Kintail, Torridon, Assynt, and Sutherland. We have lots of detailed guides to help you get the most out of Ourea Events also organises the Dragon’s Back Race®, site ©2020 Cape Wrath Ultra® | photography ©Steve Ashworth / Jimmy Hyland / Rob Howard | video ©Steve Ashworth / SFM Films, manned checkpoints, unmanned checkpoints, checkpoints, cut-offs, guidance times, course closure time. Ourea Events Price: Free. Shortcode: OUREA0007 0 Review No Reviews. 2018 Cape Wrath Ultra - day 4 Trail Running route in Achnashellach Leave a Review. The Compendium idenitifes the relative energy cost of undertaking various activities compared with doing nothing. The Route Essential Info News Gallery Enter Results FAQs+. These are not tests of navigation but logical points that participants will pass through. Cape Wrath Ultra® participant T-Shirt (presented at the event registration) Finisher's medal for all completers. Related Videos. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is Scotland’s finest multi-stage ultra running event. The average time to walk the Cape Wrath Trail is three weeks, yet the ultra … Cape Wrath Ultra - 2022 Trailer. In these circumstances we would not penalise a participant. Ourea Events Price: Free. Ultra Mail™ Bespoke, accurate, waterproof, pre-marked and annotated Harvey map of the race route. The full route is 200 miles, but most hikers need two and a half to three weeks to walk the whole thing. If the participant is confident and experienced enough with map and compass navigation they will be able to complete the event, following the race route, using just the event map. Route map for 'Cape Wrath Ultra Full Route' - a 365.7km running route near Fort William, UK. A single-sheet double-sided map. The event map is an accurate, waterproof and annotated Harvey map of the entire race route that has been specially commissioned by us, and is updated each year to reflect any developments on the ground. The route leads you across most of the north west coast of Scotland via Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, winding through its most beautiful glens and mountains. In previous years penalties have been given. In practical terms, for the majority of the time this is very easy as our route generally follows the only path or track on the ground: it is the only logical way. It takes place annually in The route is not waymarked on the ground, and so you will be required to navigate using a GPS device and/or map. The book A comprehensive guide to the Cape Wrath Trail, one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK, published by Cicerone and now in a fully updated Second Edition. The route is unmarked and there is no official line. An example of a manned checkpoint on day 3 with cut-off time clearly visible. The route is not marked on the ground in any way and participants must use the event map and/or GPS device to follow the prescribed route. Drymax socks It's probably fair to say that over the last few years I've conducted a fairly obsessive quest to find the best socks for the Cape Wrath Trail. Alan Li has completed both races and here gives us the lowdown on his experiences a The route of the Cape Wrath Ultra is based on the long-distance Cape Wrath Trail. 2018 Cape Wrath Ultra - Day 6 Trail Running route in Inverbroom, Highland, United Kingdom (UK) Leave a Review. Shortcode: OUREA0008 0 Review No Reviews. Did you know?

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