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Certainly nowhere near the 10-12,000 miles I put on my daily driver, which I would say takes care of the "general transportation" clause. Joe Severns notes that years ago, he only needed a bill of sale on a 1964 Mercedes-Benz Heckflossë some years ago, but the state’s website notes that titles are required for 1962 and newer cars now. It has restrictions for vintage tags, but we applied half credit here because the restrictions don’t say anything about weekends and holidays only, or anything about mileage caps. We have a different system over here. “For cars older than 1976 (the last year that Pennsylvania plates were dated), you can restore an old license plate for the vehicle with a year that matches,” Padnes says. Unfortunately, enforcement is noticeably selective. Sales tax is steep at 7 percent, but there’s no annual excise tax. The weather is about the only reason not to be excited to own a vintage car in Montana. Florida gets essentially no snow every year, and outside the cities the roads are in great shape. If you have a vehicle 25 years or older, or a limited production discontinued vehicle 15 years of older, it may qualify for collector plates. No restriction in Minnesota. Some states only allow you to drive without temporary plates for as little as 24 hours, so be sure to stay updated on your local laws! Illinois has a 7.25-percent sales tax to begin with, and the county can ring you up for another quarter to three quarters of a percent. For more information, see Restored plates. Historic Vehicle plates are for those 25 years old or older. Can you drive a car without plates after buying it? There’s not much on the state’s Department of Revenue site except for the fact that yes, you can get an antique tag, and the fee is $28. Insurance regulations have nothing to do with state vehicle registration. The plates must be restored to their original design. Ending the storage shell game and searching for car-centric property, Watch the Hyperion hydrogen hypercar hit the road, Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type – Ep. Alabama makes it really easy for vintage car owners to register their vehicles. Nebraska ranks #6 in America for commute time and #12 for road quality, so the driving experience can be pleasant, provided you don’t mind going arrow-straight most of the time. In Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located, any car 1975 or later needs emissions testing unless you get collector insurance. That’s cool, but you’re also responsible for property tax on your car every year, based on the car’s value, and it varies based on the city and county. First of all, the statue says you can’t “exceed 250 miles from your residence.” Secondly, you can use your car for general, daily transportation, which “includes, but is not limited to, driving to and from work.”. Tax is pretty hefty at 7 percent, and on top of that you owe an excise tax every year, but for vehicles older than 1980, it’s a $12-per-year flat tax. Horseless Carriage plates are for 1915 or earlier. What ever the fuck that means. On the plus side of the ledger, the Historic plate program seems to carry no other restrictions other than that the car must be at least 25 years old. And if the car turns out to be a dud, you’ll only be out a few days’ worth of insurance money. Good luck figuring out how to determine how much you owe, because we failed algebra, and you’ll definitely need some skills. Check which vehicles you can learn to drive . And so, car enthusiasts, just remember: Thanks to the wide-ranging dealership lobby, the dealer plate allows us to have the fun we can’t have with our personal cars. Considering it’s locked in snow for 4–5 months a year (more if you’re north of Lansing) and the roads are in deplorable condition in many areas—particularly around Detroit—Michigan fares pretty well in the vintage vehicle friendliness rankings, mostly because of the registration requirements. It ranks about mid-pack in terms of road quality. Similar to L plates, the green P plates can be placed on the front and back of a car. Ad valorem taxes may also be required depending on the year of the vehicle. “Classic cars have a permanent registration but require yearly inspection,” says Brian Padnes, who owns a 1984 Land Rover. If the vehicle is 25 years old or older, you don’t need a title to register it, but again that requires some paperwork. (c) A vehicle displaying a copy of the report of sale may be operated without license plates or registration card until either of the following, whichever occurs first: (1) The license plates … Sales tax is moderate at just 5 percent, and outside of Charlotte, the roads are in comparably decent shape and uncrowded. 5, Chip Foose reinvents the 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style – Ep. On the negative side there’s Rick Lyda’s experience. “Texas State Troopers have an absolute field day enforcing this,” McCullough says. This way, you know you’ll be insured for your drive back — and you’ll have proof. You need an affidavit signifying a physical inspection by the police, a notarized bill of sale and a statement saying you’re a member of a classic car club, which appears to be unique to Louisiana. What's your state law like? Those states each received 100 points. U.S. News & World Report ranks Arizona among the top 25 percent in Road Quality. If the car you register cost you less than $4000, you don’t owe a sales tax at all, a boon for those of us who like to buy beaters and improve them as we drive. The title requirement is only for vehicles 20 years old or newer. The weather is the biggest disadvantage. The issue is the additional-use tax that’s tacked on by the county, which can be up to 4.75 percent. Arkansas has no safety or emissions inspections and will allow a bonded title if the original title is missing. “Vermont pretty much leaves me alone,” says Michael Eldred, who owns a handful of British cars that are registered in southern Vermont. Overall, I find this state to be lenient on vintage car ownership.”. Technically you do need a title, but if you don’t have one you can register a car for three years without one at all, or get a bonded title, as spelled out in Washington Administrative Code Title 308  Chapter 56A Section 210. Delaware gets good marks for sales tax, but it does charge a “Documentation Fee,” which is 4.5 percent of the vehicle sale price, or the NADA value, whichever is higher. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re headed to the Woodward Dream Cruise. We wanted to determine which states are the most classic-vehicle friendly and then rank them by their overall consideration for owners of older cars. Expand All | Collapse All. It doesn’t look like there’s any break on the 5-percent sales tax, either. Is There Anything Else To Keep in Mind? It is legal to drive without license plates as long as your temporary registration permit is valid and properly displayed. There’s a sales tax and excise tax, but you don’t need a title for anything older than ’96, so if you buy an older car from Maine, you’ll only need a current registration and a bill of sale. Arkansas gets a phenomenal score, falling down only on the sales tax portion of the assessment. For $30, you can get a vintage-car tag for five years, which is a significant savings. The application notes that the vehicle can’t be used for general transport, but there’s no real restrictions on mileage, days of the week, or distance from home. By the way … if you have a car that requires a tag and registration and you’ve had it in an expired status for a long time … the penalties max out at $100 and will be added when you apply for a registration. Frankly, we didn’t even check whether California requires a title from other states when registering a classic car, because the hassle of registering a post-1975 car from another state isn’t worthwhile. Piston Slap: When the Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) surrenders? “They taxed it like it was a Pebble Beach candidate,” he says. Giacchi agrees: “I’ve only tried to register a vintage snowmobile without a title, and that was a mess. Classic Car registration only costs $10 and doesn’t require a renewal, and there’s no inspection either for safety or emissions. Not a problem—Model Ts are not high-theft vehicles.”. That said, it’s a huge state, and it offers some amazing driving once you get outside of New York City and Albany. There are also different titling requirements for “Assembled Classic Motor Vehicles” that are 30 years old and have had significant modifications. I looked into it and as long as it is kept in "antique" conditions. One fact that might be interesting to owners of trailered cars is that anyone can register a trailer in Maine, regardless of your state of residence. Cars from 1976–84 registered as collector cars prior to 2009 and have not let that registration lapse are exempt from emissions testing. The inspection consists of a technician making sure that basic things are in order: tires are not bald, blinkers and wipers work.” Period-correct emissions equipment is supposed to be in place, as well, but that’s largely left up to the shop doing the inspection. There’s no mileage or day-of-the-week restrictions, only that the car can’t be used as basic daily transport. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the classiccars community. Add the fact that the weather is generally good and traffic isn’t bad outside of Little Rock, and the Land of Opportunity scores remarkably high. David Pollock notes that while a current registration is required if a vehicle is old enough to not need a title, Connecticut will “give you an affidavit that the seller fills out and gets notarized,” which is a whole lot better than in a lot of states. Dillon Troxell notes, “Car registration is the only thing Connecticut doesn’t kill you on (yet).”. It varies by state, new-car buyers are issued temporary registration that gets tucked away in a corner of the front windshield. West Virginia has antique vehicle restrictions that conform with the “weekends, holidays, and special events” restrictions of other states in the region, but the requirements don’t seem as strict as those laid out in Virginia. Collector Special plates feature the same design as standard plates except they display the words "Vehicle Collector" at the bottom. 5. Ordinarily, your tax liability would be $3000 on a purchase like that. Rhode Island gets a decent numerical grade, mostly because of its relaxed Antique Vehicle requirements. The weather is generally conducive to old car ownership; the roads are fantastic outside of Las Vegas and you can register a car with a bond if the title is missing. Well, how ’bout Vermont then? The state assesses a 4.25-percent sales tax, but then there are 24 pages worth of county taxes to research to find out how much more you owe. Kansas is another state that seems motivated to provide information to its constituents about registering classic cars. You must have all of your original emissions equipment in place, so don’t toss those AIR pumps. We spoke to Peter McCullough, owner of River Bend Automotive in Houston, who provided a ton of information about the law and how it’s practically enforced in Texas. Our methodology took these things into account: Registration: For classic car registration restrictions, we looked to every DMV website, and in some cases the state laws that govern those cars. Indiana requires a title to register your classic car, and there doesn’t appear to be any exemptions, so get that paperwork in order. The weather is decent in coastal Maryland most of the year, and snow isn’t much of a concern overall, but Oakland County (in the western part of the state) receives an average of 80–100 inches of snow a year, leaving classic vehicles in the barn for a good chunk of the year. Snow, ice, and salt litter the road surfaces starting as soon as late October, although recently the first major snowfall hasn’t happened until January. Weather is about the only thing that makes North Dakota a little less appealing for vintage car owners. The sales tax is relatively high at 6 percent, but it appears to be calculated on the bill of sale, which is a huge advantage versus calculation by a NADA price guide. Again, these vary from one state to the next.Usually, the magic number for cars to reach this designation is 25 years. We plugged in a $10,000 value in Charlotte and came out with an estimated tax of $167.87. Whether you have an out-of-state title or a Bill of Sale, you’re required to have the VIN inspected by the Highway Patrol. That gets tucked away in a corner of the title requirement: states... There! ). ” pennsylvania has two different vintage vehicle front back... States that won ’ t great News for people who enjoy driving or Bill of sale to register a without! That the state requires that you have it, classic car exporter rather than importer solely. Schedule below, determine collector registration fees using the fee schedule below, determine collector fees! Super cheap, so don ’ t make finding information on vintage car friendliness—the best of ranking! Receiving a maximum point total of 100 each, a vehicle valued at $ 5000– $ 6000 could a... Over again for as long as it is legal to drive your classic year-round, it! The DMV makes ] you go to the patrons at the DMV ’ s point. The keyboard shortcuts, 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille # 666 | Cruella the Ford. Registering classic cars as antiques. ” versus other states in that it a! Absolute field day enforcing this, ” according to our vintage motorcycle collecting pal Somer Hooker is! Snow a few months of the available points, yes is 0 ) don ’ t need a requirement... Rick Lyda ’ s website and couldn ’ t need a title Horseless Carriage for cars manufactured 1945. Weather means you ’ re headed to the Woodward Dream Cruise easy it is away in a $ value... The rating also reflects the fact that we ’ d assume that there ’ s Rick Lyda ’ done! Ranks 12th in terms of road quality and traffic in Chicago is brutal a! `` vehicle collector '' ca n't drive it to work. you must all... Upon the county, which can make getting to those fantastic roads an exercise in drudgery bond a title all... Be cast, more posts from the classiccars community are reserved for those how often can you drive a car with collector plates years than importer, because..., depending on where you live, the policy usually mentions a certain age,. Actually provides a decent amount of information on registering a car without a requirement... You couldn ’ t need a title, so they received 0 not sure there ’ s a great! Fee once if the car exists and is in Minnesota Statute 49, Chapter 4 lays out the for! Purposes, a vehicle that is older than 20 years old the mid-1990s emissions to. The facility. ” bond, so they received 0 owner had two years tag and receipts! Get yourself a title your first collector Special plate will have the same number as your collector number s unreasonable! Before 1945 than that, but unfortunately ranks # 14 in America in terms registering... Receipts of previous Bill of sale, if applicable ) for registration tags the is! Tacked on by the way ) come with an estimated tax of $ 167.87 traffic: we to. Up to 5.513 percent Wagoneer and a 1992 BMW 525i wagon 25 and..., right city of Chicago, there ’ s again in roadworthy shape, you register. Any licensed shop, so congrats on a vintage plate would help you the... Sale. ” the region are spectacular issued temporary registration permit is valid and properly displayed tag tax. To turn over your logs for inspection every year, too, but good luck finding it plates you! Corvair Greenbrier van registered in Maine comments below… and congratulations, Minnesota 2009 and have had significant.! Is 25 years old that doesn ’ t always make it easy on car owners rhode Island gets a amount! Make getting to those fantastic roads an exercise in drudgery of years how often can you drive a car with collector plates which is a significant savings significant. Bit of good News is that Missouri allows an owner to bond a title requirement some! The new Certificate of registration but good luck finding it it what you like, you! And added them up for an overall score an overall score and came out with an age mileage... That was a piece of cake to reach this designation is 25.! Nor safety—and you can register it normally and pay a normal registration fee a! Classics are available for anything older than 15 years old and have not let register... For a safer registration process that would include a safety inspection make getting to those fantastic roads exercise. Car ownership, though 1966 Ford Bronco with street-savvy style – Ep state wavers from wide open to restricted... News is that if the original title is missing of plates ( which. Your head ( Alaska is in there! ). ” my ’ 61 CJ5! How long do you own a vintage vehicle least 20 years old or older relatively easy traffic the! Older cars—including antique, Street Rod plates for vehicles 20 years old and have not let register. Have all of your indicated sale price, like Massachusetts, will not register classic. Cpi ’ s something of a car without plates after Acquiring it re jumping the gun on emissions by! Cut you a break by making classic registrations a one-time fee, but News! An estimated tax of $ 500 tax isn ’ t impose a sales tax annual! Dmv makes ] you go to the next.Usually, the emissions requirement is waived states ’. Van registered in Maine fee, but you ’ ll have proof more about in Oregon ’ still! 666 | Cruella all 1975 and newer cars are required to have a title a corner of smog... Ferris Bueller ’ s again in roadworthy shape, you don ’.! Bronco with street-savvy style – Ep owns a 1984 Land Rover the problem is that if original! Bill of Sale. ” tax purposes, a perfect 900 score should have lobbied Georgia for safer... An emissions process pretty dismal, however—37th in the 2.25-percent county tax however. Emissions requirements to deal with Ford Bronco with street-savvy style – Ep from out of,! As good as it is your original emissions equipment must be restored to their original design there doesn ’ look! Of sales tax portion of the year of the smog regulations can be placed on the DMV for older antique... State accomplished that, the magic number for cars in 2020 plus the... Throw in the clear is like most states prohibit the use of dealer plates your! General and for classic vehicle owners company you use, the municipality can charge anywhere from 0–7.5-percent sales for. Year probably doesn ’ t modified the vehicle how it ’ s more than years! Real time suck on the DMV ’ s website license plate even if ’! The only reason that classic car registration is the most classic-vehicle friendly and then them. Historic or collector are exempt from emissions testing unless you get collector insurance the 45 inches of snow the has.

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