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This component is concerned with both A noted previously, a school community is created as family members, teachers, administrators and staff partner together on guiding and supporting the development and learning of children. School Connectedness Effects. A great deal of research looks at school connectedness. This What Works Brief provides strategies for improving students' school connectedness. How to promote school connectedness through a whole school approach? 2013; Kaminski et al. For instance, in an evaluation of Steps to Respect, program implementation was not associated with significant improvements in school connectedness (Brown et al., 2011). connected school community. Build School Connectedness and Positive Climate: Quick-Start Tips School connectedness is the belief by students that adults in the school care about their learning as well as about them as individuals. School connectedness is about creating a school community where everyone feels safe, seen, heard, supported, significant and cared for (BC School Based Mental Health Coalition, 2013). School practices that reflect the value of school connectedness » Provide meaningful opportunities for students to volunteer within the school community, such as through cross–age mentoring, peer tutoring, service learning, and cooperative learning. Many contain items that address feelings about safety while at school as well as rule fairness and teacher support. The Hemingway scale focuses more on aspects of school liking, engagement in school work, and feelings of success in the school … School connectedness is also a protective factor for early adolescent conduct problems, and has been found to compensate for poor quality family relationships (Loukas, Roalson, & Herrera, 2010). Feeling, being and information flow between us all, … A connected school environment also increases the likelihood of academic success. We are simply experiencing the fundamental connectedness of all beings, and the universe itself. So states the Wingspread Declaration, a set of school climate-related best practices compiled by experts from schools, universities and government. The Health Promoting School (HPS) Framework is an evidenced-based whole school approach, established by the World Health Organisation, which promotes school connectedness. School Connectedness is about creating feels safe, seen, heard, supported, The relevance of school connectedness to students’ lives is highlighted in studies showing that school connectedness makes a unique contribution to student outcomes even after considering family and peer connectedness (Law et al. This content is an excerpt from School Connectedness: Strategies for Increasing Protective Factors Among Youth. But because this research spans so many fi elds— School connectedness, as assessed in this study and by others , , involves a commitment to school and a belief that school is important, but also includes student-teacher relationships, relationships with peers, opportunities to be involved, and feelings of belonging. to school connectedness as an im-portant factor in reducing the likeli-hood that adolescents will engage in health-compromising behaviors. Rationale: School connectedness measures vary widely in content. The school community’s connectedness The model is centred around three core components. Connected youth look forward to seeing their friends and teachers at school because they feel valued, respected, and supported by them. For references and more information on why school connectedness is important, please read the original publication, provided by Flippen Group, an ACSA Partner4Purpose. Effects of bullying prevention programs on student feelings of school connectedness and belonging, indicators of affective engagement, are more mixed.

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